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I figured I’d give you a taste of what I am working on at the moment.

Currently the project is only 2 days old so there is still a lot of work to be done but here are some images showing progress as it happens…

What you can’t see in these images are the various dynamic elements I’ve added like the smooth vantage point adjustments… Almost everything you see in here is dynamic. Generated on the fly, all you need to do is drop the prefab in the scene and hit play.


Well, more as it happens…

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Till later then

First update…
Added the stats system to the characters so now they can be displayed also.

Added a new cast member and added highlighting to selections…

Moved the kit into a game scene for some better visuals and uploaded a little youTube video to show the selection in action:
Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.51.53 AM

Just uploaded a second video today. Only two days later and it is already looking a great deal better than before just due to so minor, subtle tweaks. Of course, behind the scenes a lot has happened and yet again I have learned new coding practices to make life easier for me. Not sure what the rest of the world will think of my method of code abstraction but we will find out soon enough…

Probably the biggest change thus far is my changing the subclasses into standalone classes and changing over from using inherited methods to using delegate functions instead. It is a change I was going to have to make eventually in order to make the kit more useful but man did it ever complicate things… Finally got it all working and after all the hard work and head banging to make the cogs fit together seamlessly in this 3D super clock, it finally appears as if it’s running itself :P

4 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. As of tonight, the turn based battle system officially has AI !

    Updates to the kit since the last time include:
    1. You can now define 3 locations for attacks to take place: In place, in front of the targeted enemy or from the center of the battle field

    2. You can override these three settings per character, per attack meaning the mage can still run to the enemy to attack with the sword but he can also stay behind and cast a healing spell from where he is…

    3. Both immediate mode and faction attack mode is now functional meaning you can configure all characters, change your mind and reconfigure them to your heart’s content before sending all of them to attack… or they can attack as soon as they have their target selected… your choice…

    4. The kit now also included animated scenes that you can configure to display an intro message at the start of the match and in between turns. You can use either text, graphics or both. 3 for the main intro, 2 per turn change. Currently I use the match intro to display a “Player vs Zombies” message and …

    5. …the kit can now change between factions and knows which faction is currently active and who the opponent of the current faction is. As such, when a new turn begins I show who’s turn it is as part of the turn’s the animated intro.

    6. I have also implemented AI so the game can now start from opening intro, have the player select and battle the enemy targets, have the turn change over to the AI faction who will then proceed to select targets from the player’s party and battle till all of them have had a chance, all the while following the same battle rules as defined for the match as a whole and still honoring the per-move-overrrides. Once the enemy is done with their attacks, control passes back to the player after the relevant intro animation.

    7. And lastly, on a slightly less impressive note, the various GUI elements now appear and slide out of view as they are required or not, respectively.

    Right… so big update this round. Keep checking back for more… :)

  2. Right, so another little news update for you. I have now fixed a bunch of bugs that has been annoying me and added a background track to the demo scene.

    More importantly, the attacks have now been successfully split up into melee and magic attacks and can now be selected independently of one another. I have also modified the kit so it won’t show the actions that I have not yet implemented so whatever you see, you can now use.

    And finally, as I am typing this, I am busy uploading the first playable demo of the kit! I’m sure you will have all been waiting for this! :)

    Well, a few more hours to go at my very slow internet speed and it will be ready for you to try. Enjoy :)

  3. I just completed work on the Simple Magic Effects Generator so that can no go into the kit and I can start making the magic effects look a bit more magical :)

    The postal service is really holding me back now as I am still waiting for the hardware I need to do the motion capture for the attacks and spells. It’s been nearly a month of waiting now and I must say I am getting frustrated now as I wanted this kit to be done already… :(

    Hopefully soon… At least there was some progress today.

  4. Well, the cinematic camera system is implemented and working so you can now create as many camera animations as you want and simply assign one to a specific spell. The way in which I am doing this allows you to have no cinematic camera on a move, have the same cinematic view on all your magic moves or have a unique one that is tailor made for each spell.

    Ideally, though, more animations can be added in time and added to a library. From here you can customize your moves till you find a look and feel that is just right.

    I also uploaded a little video showing why it is so important for me to create decent spell casting animations to include with the kit. Without decent, custom, made to fit animations, things tend to just look … wrong… on so many levels… Below is an example of Kenshiro being very happy that he can do the Hadoken move without having to worry about charging up his Chi…

    I trust now you see my point? :D

    More later.

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